Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Best Bunny III & Friends

After seeing the bunny that I made for a baby shower, my 3 year old wanted another bunny.  He wanted the body the same color as the baby shower one, but he wanted it to have dark blue ears (his favorite color).  I had run out of blue Vanna's Choice yarn, so I let him pick out the color that he wanted from the store.  I finished making the bunny last night.

Here are all of the bunnies that I have made him with links to the free patterns.  Best BunnyChocolate Bunny, and Bella Bunny (white bunny).  I made the chocolate bunny and some carrots for his first Easter.  Bella bunny was made for his second Easter.  The blue best bunny was made because he told me one night that he loves blue bunnies.  He wrapped a small boa around his blue bunny.  He has been sleeping with all of his bunnies this week.  Its really cute.  It really feels good when your child (or anyone for that matter) really loves something that you made for them.

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  1. You are a work horse, girl!!! Punchin' them out! I love all of your projects....amazing! Thank you so much for linking up to Fibers on Friday!!