Friday, October 1, 2010

Power Outage + Rain = Halloween Crafting

Today I finally got around to making lollipop ghosts.

This wreath was inspired by this blog post.

I love to make black bat and mouse silhouettes every Halloween.  Normally I make them out of black construction paper, but this year I wanted to make some that would last.  I made these out of eco-fi black felt.  One of the bat templates can be found here.

The mouse template is here.  I had them on my stairs last year.
The black fabric on my mantel is a spider web table runner that I made last year.

The spider template is here.

I found these spooky sticker pictures at the craft store today.  The faces change to a skull at different angles.  I want to put them onto magnets for my oldest son's school locker.  The scary face plaster candle holder was painted by my oldest son at Plaster Fun Time a few months ago.

My youngest son made this spider today at the childcare room at the gym.  I love that they are doing crafts with the kids.  The spider has an extra eye, but he does have 6 legs like a real spider.  Its funny that there are 2 legs on one side and 4 on the other.