Sunday, February 14, 2010

A glance at last February

I wanted to take a look back to last year's February posts to see what I was up to. I didn't realize that this month marks my 1 year ravelry anniversary. Yeah!

I made my 1st sack boy.
This month I made my 3rd one.

I made several pigs for National Pig Day (March 1st). It was fun giving these to people, especially my son's librarian who loves pigs.

A heart hot pad (free pattern on
I still love using this.

Three heart dishcloths.

Two heart small pillow toys for my toddler. One has a a cat toy inside so that it jingles. I was mentioned on a recent Yarn Craft podcast about how I used the hot pad heart pattern to create 3 different types of items.

A Valentine's box for my son to take to school. It is made out of a shoebox. Can you believe that it is still in good shape?

Two mice out of acrylic yarn that someone gave me. I want to make another one and fill it with catnip for my cat.

I started working on a knitted octopus (free pattern on It made seemingly complicated patterns easier. This is still one of my favorite toys that I have made.

I made my 1st milk carton wallet, and I began experimenting with soda tabs to make a purse.

There are other things as well, including a nice post on what you can make out of different recycled materials. Thank you for taking a walk down crafting memory lane with me.


  1. wow you were very busy in your first month of blogging! Time very well spent.

  2. Wow! You made all those! Very cool. Love that octopus!