Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Trash into Treasure

For Valentine's Day my husband gave me a card and a box of chocolates (and a few other things). When I woke up this morning, I was inspired to turn them into a jewelry box. The only thing that I did not use from this picture was the envelope. The item to the bottom right is what covered the chocolate when you opened the box.

First measure the bottom half of the box. Next you add a half an inch to your measurements for a quarter inch seam allowance.

Next sew all 4 side panels of fabric to the center one. Then sew the corners together. Here is the box inserted into the fabric.

I did not have any fabric glue on hand, but Elmer's works just as well. I applied glue to the inner bottom cracks and base of the box to keep the fabric in place.

Next I glued the cushion insert to the bottom of the box. You could use fabric or another card for this, but I liked the way that this insert looked.

Next I cut the card in half. I measured the top half of the box and cut each of the cards accordingly.

Then I cut the fabric for the 4 sides panels. The measurements were the same as for the bottom half.
You want to make your straight stitch longer when sewing through paper. You will sew the 4 fabric sides to the card, and then sew the corners.

Next glue the other half of the card to the inside. Be aware of it's placement in relation to the card on the outside of the box.

Voila! Now I have a place to keep my necklaces and earrings without them getting tangled. I did have to spend a lot of time this morning untangling a lot of these necklaces.

It is a really snug fit, but the 2 halves do fit together. I love my new jewelry box.

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