Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Fest 2010

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow is Winter Fest in my town. We were fortunate enough not to be hit by the blizzard. However this snowman wanted to spread the winter spirit in our home. I made him last night. Isn't he cute! I made up the hat pattern myself. The hat pattern in the book was made out of felt. I have to keep him hidden for 2 1/2 months. I'm making my son finger puppets for his 3rd birthday in April.

The snowman pattern came from this book. I bought this last year. I tried making a finger puppet last summer, but it was to hard and I gave up. I picked the snowman because he looked like one of the easier puppets to make. He was very easy to make. Not bad for my first finger puppet. Now I'm more confident and I plan on making several more in the next 2 months.

Today I made 14 flannel handkerchiefs. Your nose loves flannel. The more you wash them, the softer they become. Not only are they nicer than the disposable tissues, but they are a great environmental alternative. The 6 handkerchiefs in the picture were in the silent auction at my church tonight. I priced them at $5. They sold for $7. I'm thinking of making several and selling them at the Earth Fair in May. A dollar each or 6 for $5. What do you guys think?

They are 10" squares. I used the same hem stitch on them as I do on my t-shirt bags. However I shortened the length of the stitch to 0.5.

Among the items up for auction were the 3 skeins of fisherman's wool that the Sunday school kids Kool Aid dyed. Each skein was bid on separately. They included some Knit Picks knitting needles and a pattern. I bid on two of the skeins. I lost the first bid, but I was determined to win this one (my favorite of the 3). I got it! It included a hat and mitten pattern, double pointed needles, and circular needles. Now to figure out what to make out of the wool.

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