Friday, February 5, 2010

February's CAL & T-shirt Sleeve Bag

Last night I finished crocheting my 4 squares for the February CAL (crochet along) that I'm doing. The 4 blocks sewn together equals a 12" square.

My oldest son wanted some grapes in his lunch box today. What a perfect time to test out one of the bags that I made from a t-shirt sleeve.

A perfect fit! No need for a plastic bag today.


  1. Love the new look on your logo! Thanks for spreading the sunshine :O) Your blog makes me smile so I am nominating you for the Sunshine Award

  2. Thanks Christi for both the compliment and the nomination. I'll blog about the nomination later. I was wondering if anyone liked the new logo. :)

  3. I really like it! Here's the correct link for the Sunshine Award