Sunday, February 21, 2010

Plied Plarn & VHS Bag

I finished crocheting this bag tonight. I just love movie nights when working on a project with a simple pattern. The change that I made to the pattern that I posted last was that when I switched back to the smaller hook, I single crochet 2 in one space then 1 in the next space. This bag is about 11" to 12" on the bottom, 12" high (not including the handles), and 13" wide. It feels sturdy, and it looks like it can hold a good bit of stuff. It does have some stretch to it, which adds about 4" to the height.

I would like some feed back on what people think of it.


  1. I've made a few and think they are fantastic...what I have found is that the handles are better when they are longer where you can adjust them bit if you wish...that is if you are selling it or just keeping it for yourself. Nice job!

  2. I agree that the handles should be a bit longer. Thanks :)