Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brooks Free Library Class

Yesterday I drove 2 hours to the Brooks Free Library in Harwich, MA (along Cape Cod) to teach an adult class. Seventeen ladies came to the class, which just made my day. The first thing that I showed them how to make was plarn / plastic bag yarn. Click here to see a past post on crafting with plastic bags. It has links to the written and visual instructions.

Next I showed them how to make tarn / t-shirt yarn. Click here for a past post on how to make tarn. I will be uploading 3 you tube videos this week on how to make yarn and bags out of t-shirts. Here is a link to my you tube channel. The ladies were pleasantly surprised at how much yardage of yarn that you can get out of a single t-shirt. If making the yarn the way that I showed is to hard, then you can cut it in a spiral around the shirt instead. Also you can find fun tarn patterns at

Next we made plastic bag wreaths. Click here to see the you tube video on how to make a plastic bag wreath. You can also refer to this past blog post as well.

Everyone had a good time in the class. I really enjoying spreading the love of eco-crafting. I am happy to say that they want to see me again this summer. If anyone has any questions about this class, please leave me a comment here.

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