Monday, February 22, 2010

Plarn & VHS Tape

Last night I knitted this Christmas ornament. I just need to sew it closed and stuff it. I started a 2nd one today. I want to make 3 this week to meet my personal deadline of making 3 a month.

I also made some plarn and wound a bunch of plarn on my ball winder.

I did some spinning today as well. This is the vhs tape that I am currently spinning. I spun some plarn and plied it with itself, and I spun some plarn and plied it with some spun vhs tape.

Here is the spun and plied plarn and vhs tape that I made today. I currently have 7 rounds crochet for the bottom of a new market bag. For some reason this yarn squeaks when used. The last vhs tape that I used didn't squeak. The last one I spun on a drop spindle and this one I used a spinning wheel.

This bag I started some time last year. It has brown and cream colored plarn that is spun then plied with itself. I made some more spun / plied plarn for it today and began crocheting the sides of the bag. I didn't get very far before I ran out of plarn.

Tonight was my quilt guild meeting. I worked on both of those plarn bags during the meeting. I also started this drawing during the meeting. I love my sketchbook. Not only can I doodle in it, but its also good for taking notes.

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