Thursday, February 11, 2010

Plarn, Valentine's, and T.V. Show

I was suppose to teach some Girl Scouts how to make plarn today. However it was canceled / postponed for a later date (due to the weather). In getting ready for it, I sorted my plastic bags. Please note that 80% or more of these bags are not from my personal shopping. I get a lot of donations from various people who know me. I sorted them out according to color, if they were bread bags, and if I wanted to fuse them. Now I feel a bit more organized in that department.

I also started knitting a sack boy (from the game Little Big Planet) for my 10 year old son for Valentine's Day. I call him the Ninja of Love. The red band across the eyes is my little way off keeping some Valentine's Day color in it while still making it for a boy. This will be the 3rd sack boy that I have made for him.

Here is my cabled cowl so far. I'm just on the twisted rib right now. I love that when the needles are in the skein of yarn it forms a heart. I have purple stitch holders at 20 stitch intervals. The 1st green stitch marker is the beginning of the round. Each additional stitch marker is to help keep track of how many rounds have been knitted so far. I am using the Kool Aid dyed yarn that I got at the auction (from the Sunday school class that I helped to teach).

I am also getting ready to tape 2 t.v. shows tomorrow night. I have a special guest for the 1st taping (I'll blog about him tomorrow). The 2nd taping is about crafting with t-shirts. Right now I'm preparing some steps. That way through the magic of tv the sewing process will go faster. In other news with the show, my husband recently bought a new camera with a video feature. Its a really nice camera with HG quality. Well, he has been looking into portable microphones to go with it. He wants to help me tape a few shows from home. That way I can edit them just right. All of my shows so far have been edited during the live taping via 3 cameras at the t.v. studio. It would be nice to have some nice close ups, have retakes, and not have to do so much prep time. One thing that I no longer have to worry about with taping the craft segments is bringing my own table. The telemedia studio has tables, but just not the right kind for my craft segments. So I would bring mine. However my director recently bought one like mine. Yeah! One less thing to worry about.

Now to drag myself away from this computer and do something productive. Oh, I don't know if I mentioned that my 6 flannel handkerchiefs sold for $7 at the church auction.

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