Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Wardrobe Re Do Challenge

Picking out the right fabric for my jean skirt.


  1. I love the skirts! I have some shorts that don't fit anymore, I think I know what I'll do with them now!

  2. Wow this is hard. Because I am "non-flashy" type I would choose the last one as it's more plain. I think using denim would be the coolest though. Do you have any denim pieces you can put in the skirt? Even if you have to piece them together, all denim would be so cool looking and that how we used to make them back in the 70s. Okay I've dated myself now - lol :)

  3. So...which one did you pick? I like the first one!

  4. Charity, I picked the 1st one.

    I wanted one that would blend in with the denim more, but I did want it to stand out a bit. My son thought it was weird that I didn't choose to use denim for the center. I've always loved the colorful cotton ones that I've seen in the past. I love it. It is a bit tighter on me because of how I had to sewed the back. Thats a good thing though since I was constantly pulling up my pants.

    Julie, you could use the legs off of another pair of jeans to put in the center of the skirt. There are several how tos out there on making a denim mini skirt out of jeans. A lot of them are on you tube.

    Cindy, its funny because I chose the 1st one because it was less flashy to me, lol.

    Hopefully my husband will be up for taking some pictures of me wearing it tonight. I want to post a how to tomorrow. I would love some feed back on it.