Wednesday, February 9, 2011

January's Pinwheel Block

I just finished making 3 pinwheel blocks.  This is the 3rd pinwheel block in the pinwheel block of the month through my local quilt shop.  I am going to turn it in tomorrow and get the 4th block pattern.  I'll also pick up my 2nd block while I'm there.  The quilt shop has everybody's blocks on display so that we can see all the different color combinations that people used.  
Here is what two of the blocks would look like if they were sewn together.
What have I been up to:
- I went to the Historic District Commission meeting last night to get sign approval for the Earth Fair signs this year.
- I also went to a quilt guild board meeting last night.
- Last week was my town's Recycling Committee meeting.  I'm a board member, and I needed to give a progress report on the Earth Fair.
- I've also been dealing with putting the raffle quilt for my quilt guild together.  I am only making certain parts myself, and I have been delegating the other parts.  A good chunk of the next two days will be on buying and delivering different parts of the quilt to people.
- I also need to prepare for the taping of my t.v. show on Friday.
- Today I finally moved things around in my dinning room so that I have a permanent place for my sewing machine.
- As far as other projects go, I have been knitting a cabled cowl.  I'm a little burnt out on making a lot of quick projects, so it is really nice to be working on one project for a while.  Plus I just love working with the fisherman's wool.

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