Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Swap Package #2

I came home today to find a package from my friend delights sitting on my door step.  Can you see me jumping up and down and in circles?  I couldn't wait to open it to see what she made for me for Valentine's Day.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  Everything was wonderful!  So here is the break down of what was in my package.  There was an origami floral box containing crochet chocolates and a crochet chocolate dipped strawberry.  I could smell the chocolate, even though the smell was just in my head.  There was a yellow plarn (plastic bag yarn) chapstick holder with Juicy Juice chapstick inside.  She gave me several mini clothespins for many different occasions.   She knows me so well, because I really wanted some for different occasions to hang up cards that I receive.  Do you see that gorgeous crochet flower?  It is a pot holder that she designed.  I love it!  I'm very into hot pads and pot holders.  
She also makes these very beautiful heart broaches from felted wool (from old sweaters).  I was hoping that I would get one from her.  My camera took a slightly blurry picture of it without my knowing, but it is really beautiful.  If you would like one to, she sells them on Etsy.
Then she went beyond just crafting for me.  She made my sons felted mittens from sweaters.  They loved them.  My youngest son really needed a good pair of mittens.  I've had bad luck finding good ones for him.  I guess that means that the universe wanted me to wait for these marvelous mittens to arrive.  She also sells these in her other Etsy shop.
Last but not least there was a handmade floral envelope containing a beautiful handmade card inside.  There was also two very unique envelopes that looked like mason jars.  The jars were see through so that you can see the peas and tomato seed packets inside.  They also had very cute tags attached to them: "Peas Be Mine" & "U R 1 Hot Tomato."

Thank you delights!!!!!  I love everything!

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