Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Swap Gifts

The other day I received a very beautiful package in the mailed filled with wonderful handmade Valentine's from my friend spookycuddles (from ravelry).  First off, the package itself was covered in hearts, a cupid, and little sayings like "Be Mine."  Each thing inside was more wonderful than the next.  
She made this beautiful card from scrap paper, cards, and magazine cut outs.  The inside was a giant heart filled with wonderful words to me.  On the lower left you can see one of the two chenille stem heart ornaments with a flower attached.  You can view both in the 1st photo along with a crochet flower pin and some Valentine's pencils.  
Here is a closer look at the envelope.  What is that green thing in the middle?  Its a magnet with a motorcycle miniskirt made for a finger attached to it.  This is my favorite thing in the package, because I had sent her a lace finger tutu as part of an inside joke.  She turned it into a magnet as well.  This is going to start a whole trend of finger skirts / outfits.  In the upper left you can see part of a crochet scrubby that was made from scrap yarn.  I love using scrubbies.  I like them more than dishcloths.  You can also see a bow with the Eiffel Tower stamped on it.
Do you see the red heart Valentine's that looks like a mini container?  It was made out of a toilet paper tube.  She gave me an undecorated, unfinished one so that I could see how it was made and finish it.  Last fall my December holiday swap partner was Gekko.  Sppokycuddles knew this and made both Gekko and me a gecko bookmark using a Geico add in a magazine.  How cute and clever!  She also made a gift tag out of some scrap paper as well.  Behind these objects are two quilting patterns for me.

I wanted to share my Valentine's gifts with all of you because I think that they are so very cute, creative, and most of them were made from recycled / upcycled materials.  I just love getting handmade gifts.

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