Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wayland Library in MA: Juice Pouch Notebook Class

Yesterday I taught a class at the Wayland Library in Wayland, MA.  It was a juice pouch notebook class for kids ages 8 an up.  With each class I teach, I learn a little bit more.  So for this class I added paper bead making to it so that they could make beads to add as tassels to their notebooks.  The pictures above are the bags that I packed for the class.
Here is my set up for teaching them how to make there own juice pouch notebooks.  I explained to the kids how to clean their own juice pouches at home.  Then they learned a fun book binding technique. 
Here are my examples.  You can see a paper bead tassel on the Wild Cherry notebook.  I had a nice turn out, and the kids seem to have enjoyed themselves.  Some of them even made two notebooks to take home.  It was a good idea to include the paper bead making for this class.  Next time I need to add needle threaders to my supplies.  Like I said, I learn something new with each class.
So for both of my classes this week we made paper beads.  They are really relaxing to make, so I have been making them both last night and today.  Basically what you do it cut triangles out of old magazines (or any kind of paper).  Starting with the base of the triangle, have the good side away from you, and start rolling the paper around the skewer.  When you have rolled all of it, add some glue and coat the whole bead with glue using your fingers.  I like to fill up two skewers.  After the 2nd skewer is filled, the beads on the 1st skewer are dry enough to remove.  I have seen bracelets, necklaces, earrings, tote bags, and other things made out of paper beads.  Also remember that they are paper, so you can cut them to a smaller size if you want and you need to keep them out of water (rain).  I plan on making a video tutorial soon.

I had a really great time at the Somerville and Wayland Libraries this week.  I am hoping that I can teach at both of them again in the future.  I really love teaching others how to make things, especially out of recycled materials.


  1. What fun! You are one talented gal!!!

  2. The juice pouch notebooks are so cool, I think my grandsons would love doing this.

    All the kids must really love it when you come to teach them, you do such cool projects with them. :)