Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pinwheels & Oven Pad

It took a few days to make, but I made 5 of the 4th pinwheel block this week.  It looks like a simple pattern, but there was a lot of work in making 5 of them.  There are 20 half square triangles in each block, multiply that by 5 and you have 100 half square triangles that needed to be cut, marked, sewn, ironed, recut/squared, sewn, ironed, sewn, ironed, and squared, etc.  I'm really happy that I finished it weeks before I need to turn it in to get the pattern for the 5th block.
I pieced four of them together like I did with the previous pinwheel blocks.  Its not perfect, but that is ok.  
I've been following a blog on making things out of fabric salvages.  So I've started saving my salvages separately from my other fabric scraps.  After saving 4 salvaged pieces, I made this oven pad / hot pad.  The two pictures show the front and the back of it.  I used some pink girlie skull ribbon for the hanger.  It seemed to fit with the color scheme.  Now I want to make another black and white quilt but with pink as my 3rd color.  The binding is far from perfect, however I am fine with that.


  1. I love pinwheels!

    And I'm with you...I'd love to say my quilt was all me. But I'm so afraid of messing it up! I know for sure I don't want to hand quilt. I know I can stitch in the ditch, but I think this quilt would look so cute with some whimsical stitching :-) I can lower the feed dogs and I do have a darning foot...but that's where I get scared of totally wrecking the quilt by "doodling" on my own.....ahhhhhh!!!!

  2. Would you like my selvages? I'd happily send them to you. email me, if so.

    swandiva at hotmail dot calm

  3. those look very trendy! id love to have some cutsie ones in my kitchen!