Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chocolate Box Upcycle

Friday was a big Valentine's card day for my mail box.  I received this fabric postcard and door hanger from Australia from peace2knit.  She embroidered on top of the card as well.
I also received this circular card from .  As you turn the card it spells out my name with a word that represents that letter and me.  
I also got this beautiful card from my mom.  Friday night I taped a new episode (episode 34) of my local access t.v. show "Its Easy Being Green."  On the show I made this jewelry box out of the card that my mom gave me and an empty box of chocolates.
I made sure to pick a box of chocolates that had a plastic separator inside of it.  This will allow me to keep my necklaces and earrings separate / untangled.
The one on the left is the one that I made last year.  You can see the tutorial on how to make it here.
Now I have one jewelry box for necklaces and one for earrings.
Also for the t.v. show I wanted to show one way that you can upcycle the heart shaped chocolate boxes.
Inside of the small one I cut out heart shapes from 2 pictures of my kids and glued them in.  I plan on glueing a picture hanger on the back of them.  They have become little shadow boxes.  The baby picture is from my 2nd son's birth announcement.  I also cut out a heart from the side with his name, date of birth, and weight.  With the next empty box I will glue that in and add a baby keepsake to it as well.  With the slightly larger box, I glued the front and inside of a card that one of my sons received from his grandparents on Friday.  I plan on keeping buttons inside of that box.  Since high school I have been using empty chocolate boxes for craft storage.

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