Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pinwheel Blocks

I turned in my 3rd pinwheel block at my local quilt shop today.  You can see it on display in the above picture. It is the black, white, and green one that is in the 4th row, 2nd from the left.  I wanted to show the other pinwheel blocks that people had made as well.
When I got home, I made two more of the 3rd pinwheel block.  I want to make 5 of each block.  One will go into one quilt and the other 4 will go into another quilt.  I went ahead and pieced 4 of the 3rd block together.  You can see that a pinwheel forms in the center of the 4 joined blocks.
I also pieced together 4 of the first block.  It also has a pinwheel in the center of the 4 joined blocks.
I finished sewing 7 reverse applique blocks for a quilt for my quilt guild.  I also corrected 6 blocks that two other people had made.  I counted two of those blocks as 1 finished item (part of my 365 items in 2011 goal), even though I had worked on 80% of those blocks myself (cutting the fabric, making the template, and then correcting the sewing by sewing them again).

This has been a big quilt day for me.  All of my errands revolved around quilting, and I made a total of 9 quilt blocks, corrected 6 blocks, and pieced together 8 blocks.  I did not count the pieced together finished pinwheel blocks as part of my 365 goal.  I'll count the finished quilt top as 1 item.  It looks like I might reach that 365 item goal by April.  I will still keep track of how many items I make this year though.

I'm looking forward to making the 4th pinwheel blocks.  I already started cutting the fabric for them tonight.

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