Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Cards & Winterfest/Winter Rest

The beginning of every February in my town is Winterfest.  Winterfest is a 3 day series of events that takes place all over town.  This year I volunteered to help out with the craft table at my church on Saturday from 9 am - 3 pm.  My church calls their event Winter Rest, because you can come, sit, eat, and listen to some live music.  My friend who was in charge wanted part  of the craft table to be for making Valentine's cards for a charity that will be giving them to people who can't leave their home for one reason or another.  Here was our set up.  I die-cut out different hearts from cardboard food boxes, colored card stock, and painted corrugated cardboard.  There were also some painted and cut heart shaped toilet paper tubes mixed in.  Then there were some pink, red, and purple cards made from card stock, glue sticks, white glue, markers, crayons, and stamps.  On top of that, people could also make egg carton lady bugs and love bugs (using the cut out hearts, google eyes, and chenille stems).
Some one gave me a Panera catering box to use.  I love it!!!  I want more.  You can see the two inserts being used for the different items above.  
I had fun die-cutting some of the food boxes, like this cat food box.  A friend of mine picked the cat heart to make a Valentine's with.
We had so much fun sitting around making Valentine's cards and listening to great live music.
You can see two of my love bugs and lady bugs above.
I made these 3 cards. 
And these as well.
One girl wanted to make a card for her math teacher who says that "Math is not F.U.N. fun."
I suggested that she write "9/4 Four Under Nine" means that math is fun.  You can see her card in progress above.
We collected 19 cards for the charity.  There were a lot of great stories that went with the cards that people made for others.  
I was surprised when a lady came up and wanted to buy this card that I had made.  When I said that she could have it, she said that she wanted to donate money for it.  So I sent her to my friend who was in charge of the event.  Many people donated money that day.  
The same girl who made the math card also made this cute little card.
I also made this little heart ring using a chenille stem, a heart, and google eyes.

We had a decent turn out considering all of the ice and snow and the weather prediction for that day.  Many events had been canceled for that night due to the weather.  People enjoyed themselves though, and I got to see many familiar faces.  At the end of the day I took home the left over supplies (excluding the ones that I borrowed from the church, like the markers and glue).  Now I have the supplies for the making of many Valentine's cards.  I just might have a card making day with my kids soon.


  1. I love community events and festivals. I love all of the cards that you made!

  2. All the cards turned out great, it must have been really fun crafting with all the people. I love the cute little ring you made, I will have to borrow that idea. :)