Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday's Tot Craft Time: Bubbles

We aren't going to the library's craft time today, because I am expecting a big delivery at that time.  Since my toddler loves bubbles so much and it's the beginning of bubble blowing season, I wanted to share some great bubble information.

I went to http://babyparenting.about.com/cs/activities/a/bubbles.htm to find this homemade bubble solution.

1 cup water 
2 tablespoons light karo syrup or 2 tablespoons glycerin 
4 tablespoons dishwashing liquid
Mix together and have fun!

I want to start making my own bubble solution, because my son tends to go through it very quickly.  Plus that means not buying any more plastic containers, and reusing the ones that we already have.

There are many different ways to make your own bubble wands.  

- Bend and shape pipe cleaners / chenille stems.
- Bend and shape old wire hangers.
- Cover one end of a toilet paper tube with panty hose, securing it with a rubber band.
-  Dip one of those green plastic berry baskets in the solution (my personal favorite).

One interesting thing is that bubbles last longer when there is an overcast.  Have fun blowing bubbles!

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