Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fund Raising for the Earth fair

Tonight was the Friendly's Family Fun Night to raise money for the Chelmsford Earth Fair.  It was my mom's idea, and it was a great idea.  I needed to raise some money to pay for advertising and other things for the Earth Fair.  A percentage of tonight's profits go towards the Earth Fair.  We got a nice turn out, and the profits were higher than the average Tuesday night.  It was from 5 - 8 p.m., and 3 of us took on an hour shift each.  We welcomed people as they came through the door, and told them about the Earth Fair (and passed out flyers).

My next step is to make the signs before I go on a week long vacation on Saturday.  I also called the host of Town Talk, a local access weekly t.v. show, and set up a date to come on to talk about the Earth Fair. I have been advertising it on my show, but a lot more people watch Town Talk (I think).

If you haven't noticed, I've got the Earth Fair on my brain.  This is my second year organizing it, and my 3rd year participating in it.  There is a lot going on this week that needs to get done for it.  The Earth Fair  is on May 8th in my town.  This is because the schools' Spring break is the week of Earth Day.   In the past we had a poor turn out as a result.  So this year we moved it in hopes of drawing a bigger crowd.  I have defiantly done a lot more in the way of advertising for it this year.  It should be a beautiful day.

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