Thursday, April 8, 2010

Solutions & Steps

I came outside yesterday to find the top cushions of my swing in different places around the yard.  That darn wind again.  For some reason the people who designed this swing put velcro things on the bottom cushions to hold them in place but they left the top cushions to blow away.

Well after several years of chasing these cushions, I decided to put an end to it.  Originally I thought about using thin scrap fabric for this, but then I saw the long, thin fused plastic strips left over from the woven fused bag project.  I took 3 of them and attached them to the cushions and around the metal back bar using 2 safety pins.  I like the fused plastic better than fabric, because it is more weather proof.  The wind is blowing and my cushions are still on my swing :)

Tomorrow night I am taping two new episodes of my local access t.v. show.  For one of them I am showing how to spin plarn and vhs tape.  Because I like to bring too much than not enough, I made the bottom of a round plarn bag.  This is in case I have time left after the spinning stuff.  I can talk about how to make a round plarn bag.  I stopped here, because I can show the next steps  on camera.

The other episode will be on crafting with soda tabs.  Some of you may have seen my you tube video on crafting with soda tabs (my most viewed video).  I wanted to add something new for the show.  I'm going to be crocheting flowers, hearts, and clovers with the soda tabs.  Hopefully the close up shots will be good and hopefully my hand won't move around to much.  I've been making the steps for the flowers this week.  This way through the "magic of television" the project goes faster.

Sorry that the right side is cut off.  Click on the video to watch it on you tube instead.

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