Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday School: Making Paper Beads

I just got back from Pennsylvania yesterday.  I was not ready to teach Sunday school today, but luckily I had the 1st graders for a second time.  A simple project was to make paper beads.  I kept seeing paper bead jewelry during my trip in different stores.  With Mother's Day approaching, this was a great recycling project to do with the kids.    The first step is to cut long triangles out of an old magazine.  The width of the base of your triangle will be the width of your bead.

You will need scissors, glue, and skewers as well.

Roll the base of the paper triangle around the skewer, and keep rolling until all of the paper is wrapped around the skewer.  Then add a drop of white glue to it, and coat the bead with the glue.  Let it dry and then remove it from the skewer.  You can coat your bead with a clear varnish as well if you like.  Then you are ready to use them to make your own jewelry.

Some of the kids really enjoyed making them.  Many of them made beads for Mother's Day.

One girl arranged her beads like this on the table.  I thought that it would look great strung up like this.

Then I found this picture on the internet.   What a great snowflake like ornament.

Here is another internet find.  These paper beads were used to make this handbag.

And here is what the beads can look like when made into a necklace.  I want to make some beautiful paper bead jewelry for myself soon.  For some clear instructions on how to make these beads, you can follow this link.

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