Sunday, April 18, 2010

In Pennsylvania

Yesterday we hit the road for Spring break.  The kids and I are visiting my parents in Pennsylvania.

These are 2 roadrunner sculptures that my uncle made out of railroad spikes.  The spikes come out and have to be replaced.  My uncle collects the ones that have fallen out and have been replaced.  I am hoping to get my own roadrunners sculptures for my yard this summer.

Here is a sculpture that I made in high school out of old gears that I found in a junk yard.  This is not how it is suppose to look.  Apparently it fell and broke and my dad put it back together like this.  I would need a propane torch to reattach it the right way.  I was lucky to be able to take a metal sculpture class in high school.  The shop teacher and one of the art teachers worked together to teach the class.

Just because we were on the road did not mean that we should forget about recycling.  I saved the plastic bottles and cans that we had during our trip and recycled them when we got to my parents' house.  The beer can was not mine.  I don't drink alcohol.

When traveling with young kids there are three items that I always bring: a new sketch pad, crayons, and play-dough.  This goes for a long car ride and an airplane ride.


  1. I love those RoadRunners! Looks like recycling runs deep in your family :0) Hope your trip home was enjoyable for you and the kids.

  2. Thanks Christi. We just got back tonight. It was great visiting, but its good to be back home again. While there, my uncle called to see what size birds that I wanted and in what colors. He is making me a big one and a small one. He paints them according to tractors. Mine will be John Deer (green & yellow) and I think Imperial (green & black). My dad painted theirs black. I'll get them this summer during the family reunion. I'm looking forward to it :)