Thursday, September 16, 2010

Monster Wreath

I saw a really cute furry wreath with eyeballs while doing a google image search.  I really wanted to make one.  I did not have any fake fur on hand, but I had some fun novelty yarn.

Using a rounded wreath frame, wrap your novelty yarn around it.  I used Red Heart's Pomp-a-Doodle plush plum yarn.  It is incredibly soft.  This wreath used two skeins of yarn to make.

You can see just how much needs to be wrapped to hide the green wreath frame, especially with this pom pom yarn.

Right here I just finished wrapping one skein and I'm about to add a second skein.  I leave the tail of the 1st yarn laid across the wreath.

I then lay the beginning of the next skein next to that tail, and I begin to wrap over the two tails.  This hides them and secures them without needing to make any knots.  You can see how I wrap a few times.

Then I pull them to the side and push them snug against the previously wrapped threads.   

When finished, thread the tail with a tapestry needle and pull it back through the wrapped pieces to hide it and secure it in place.

I did end up tying a knot and using it to make a small loop in the back for hanging it up.

Next I took some novelty Halloween eyeballs and cut them in half.

Then I arranged them where I wanted them on the  wreath, and then glued them in place with a hot glue gun.

I saved the netting from the packaging and the other half of the eyeballs in a cleaned pasta jar for a future project.

I love it and it is incredibly soft.  My son wants me to add teeth to the center and my husband wants me to add tentacle like things around it.


  1. That is a hoot. I think both your men have great ideas.

  2. LOVE it!!.. What a great idea!!! ~tina

  3. Hi! Found your thru Ramblings and Photos and I'm so glad I did! I love your pictures! They're gorgeous! :)

    I'm having a photo contest over @ my blog right now, so you should stop by and take a look! Hopefully you can enter!


    ps- love this wreath! So flipping cute!