Saturday, September 4, 2010


I figured out what I am going to make my grandma for Christmas.  A tarn (t-shirt yarn) walker tote.  The pattern is by Cindy at  Her current walker bag is a little to light for her liking, and she would like something with more weight to it.  The first t-shirt that I cut was not good.  I forgot that shirts with side seams do not make good tarn.  I have 4 shirts that are tarn worthy, the light blue above, light gray, a medium gray (below), and black.  The tote is going to be mainly light blue because that was an extra large t-shirt thus it has more yardage.  I am thinking that the black is to bold, so I might use the medium gray as a stripe.

Last night I started a new project that will be a Christmas present for my mom.  I won't be posting any pictures of it until after Christmas though.  Both of these Christmas presents fit into Stash Busting September.

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