Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday School: Being Good Stewards of the Earth, week 1

Today was week one of the first Sunday School rotation of the year.  I am teaching the kids about being good stewards of the Earth, our 7th principle.  Here is my show-and-tell set up.  I ask the kids what they think different items are made out of.  I was really impressed that someone out of the group was able to guess the really hard ones.

I had four 4th graders today.  We made plarn (plastic bag yarn), plastic bag wreaths, and drew on plastic bottle caps to use as decoration for the wreath.  When finished, the plastic bag wreath will be up for sale in the church's holiday fair.  I also showed the kids how I spin plarn on a Navajo Spindle.

I  brought several books and magazines that are all about eco-crafting.  There were coloring pages as well.

Here is one girl's ball of plarn.

Here are the coloring pages that the church provided that goes along with being good stewards of the Earth.

Here is the tri--fold chalkboard in use today.  I got a lot of nice comments on it.  I saw little light bulbs turn on over people's heads when they realized that it is really easy to turn things into a chalkboard.

Basically I had a really good morning.  I hope all of you are having a good Sunday to.


  1. I am glad your Sunday was good. I really like the tri-fold chalkboard - great idea.

  2. Looks like a great Sunday! I hope you have a week just as grand.