Friday, September 10, 2010

Spinning Plarn

I realized at one point today that we had not hung out outside today.  My boys need to run around and get away from the t.v. and video games.  So I took the spinning wheel (its borrowed) outside and spun some plarn while my kids played.

I really need to buy one of these spinning wheels.  Maybe with tax money next year.

In other news, I spent all day yesterday putting together a 30 minute episode for my t.v. show.  I compiled 4 videos that I had made for you tube, and I filmed myself doing some video introductions.  I can't tell you how many times that I changed the music for it.  I exported it twice (the 2nd time do to adjustments that I had to make).  Then I tried to post it on here to get all of your opinions on it, but it was taking forever.  I might upload the mini bonus clip that I filmed yesterday onto you tube.  The t.v. studio had closed in July for renovations, and they are not finished yet.  They are converting to HD, even though the cable company isn't showing it in HD yet.  At least the videos will be of a higher quality.  I start taping new shows in October.  Until then I wanted to give them this home movie episode, because many people have asked when I was going to make a new one (locals who watch the show).

Also I am entering my first quilt show.  It is not judged (less pressure).  I said that I would put 2 crib quilts in it, but then I couldn't find my favorite one anywhere.  So only one made it in.  I'll post pictures tomorrow.  You can see one of the quilts from last year's show here.


  1. That is quite the spinning wheel. Fascinating.

  2. It is made for bulky yarn. I soooooo want one. I can only borrow this one for one more month before my friend wants it back.