Thursday, September 30, 2010

Knitted Scrubbies

I have been knitting all of these scrubbies since last month.  Not all of them are shown here.

They are Christmas presents.

The pattern is here, however I double it.  I cast on 36 sts and knit 40 rows.

This is what I make when watching a movie or an interesting t.v. show, because the pattern is that simple.


  1. so pretty! i love these, and i agree they would make great gifts!

  2. You're quick girl!! Love them!

  3. These are fabulous! Did you find the pattern online? Wish I was a better knitter!


  4. Thank you everyone :)

    Gail, I found the pattern in ravelry. After making it and being unhappy with the size, I searched through other people's comments on it via ravelry. Thats how I learned that if you double the pattern, it will be the perfect size. These are great for beginner knitters. All it is is garter stitch (knit every row), with simple increases and decreases on the ends.

  5. What a great Christmas gift idea!!

  6. I used to have patterns I knew so well I could do them while watching tv or even as a passenger in a car. Not so much these days, I would have to sit and read a pattern I think.

  7. brilliant! always looking for a quick-to-knit gift idea. visiting from the Sew Much Ado link party.