Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Since Friday....

I was locked out of the internet for almost 2 whole days this weekend. I was more productive as a result. My sewing machine broke on Friday. It was my 2nd sewing machine, and it lasted for 7 years. My first sewing machine was the one that my mom bought when she was pregnant with me. I bought my 2nd one from Sears. It was a Kenmore. I wanted to buy one from a sewing machine store for my 3rd time around. I also wanted a Bernina. I got one. I opened it up yesterday and made a few things. So far I love it. Whats nice about where I bought it from is that I get 2 free classes on how to use my machine. I signed up for the classes in November. Also if I am not happy with this machine with in a year's time, I can trade it in a full price for another machine.

I was in my craft room on Friday and saw 2 ufo quilts. I pulled them out and began to work on them. Both quilts had already had some machine quilting done on them. One is a Christmas quilt for my now 10 year old. I started it in 2007. Each year I think that I'll finish it for Christmas. I'm sure I will this year. It has a fleece backing and high loft batting. My son loves thick quilts. The other quilt is a comfort quilt for my 2 year old. I also started this one in 2007. It is just 2 panels f fabric with batting in between. The front is a map of the world. I'm stitching along the longitude and latitude lines. The back it a fin animal print. I finished quilting it yesterday, and not I'm ready to sew on the binding. Hopefully both of my kids will be getting a quilt for Christmas this year. My oldest thinks that I've been knitting him a penguin. I haven't, but it is on my list.

Beach Chicken, from Etsy, sent me some matchbook style notebooks with my order. I thought that it was such a clever idea. She had used food boxes for the cover. Last night I was inspired to make some larger ones. My 2 year old loved coloring in one of them. I might add those as little extras with my Christmas gifts.

I also made my oldest son a black bag to hold his lunch money in. He wanted it to be solid black. I already had the zipper and the fabric, so this project did not cost my anything to make. Well, almost anything. I did break a needle on my sewing machine.

I also added another patch to my jeans. The bottom of the jeans were looking a little raggid, so I sewed on some ribbon to them. The ribbon only cost $1.

I added some skulls and skeleton hands to the other wreath that I had. The total cost for the decorations, including the ribbon, was $4. I don't remember how much the wreath cost. I bought it on sale after Halloween last year.

I also used up 2 large skeins of Lily's Sugar'n Cream yarn. I made 6 matching dishcloths. The left over yarn I knitted on my spool knitter. I am sewing it together to make a hot pad. These items will be a Christmas gift for a family member.

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