Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween & Quilting

The other day I was at the fabric store. I couldn't help but look at the fabric remnants. Lately there have been some wonderful Halloween fabric in there. I love holiday fabric. Well I lucked out. There was a tone on tone black spider web fabric. The kind where the webs are velvet. It was a 1 yard remnant, marked down, and then it was on sale! Normally it is about $10 a yard, and I got this 1 yard for about $2. I folded it in half, right sides together, and then sewed 2 sides together. Then I turned it right side out, and sewed all 4 sides (after folding the raw side in). Now it is the perfect table runner for Halloween. I love it.

I also took out my Halloween decorations and placed some in the yard and others on the fire place. Other than my wreaths, that have been out all month, I was lazy about decorating. No one decorates in my neighborhood, so I didn't feel inspired to until today. It's because my mom is coming to visit tomorrow.

I have also been hand quilting a quilt for my grandma. I pieced it in January out of my stash fabric. The pattern is from a quilt a day calendar that I got for Christmas last year. I am trying to quilt a block a day. That way it will be done by Christmas. I haven't touched it since June, so I am really trying to finish it now.


  1. i know how you feel, nobody gets into the halloween spirit where I live and for such a fun holiday it is a shame.

  2. It's my favorite holiday. No stress about gift giving. You get to dress up silly, give out candy, and put out fun decorations. Now that my decorations are out, I wish that I had put them out earlier this month. I have a feeling that the Christmas decorations will go up around Thanksgiving this year if not sooner. I've been leaning more towards decorating with snowmen and snowflakes, because they can stay up past the New Year.