Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UFO October

I finished sewing the binding on my 2 year old's comfort quilt. I got to try out 2 decorative stitches on my new sewing machine. I love it. Now to get my hands on the crazy quilt blocks from last season's box exchange (from my quilt guild).

In the spirit of working on ufos, I took out this fleece baby blanket that I started in 2007. I stopped working on it after I had sewn on one side of the satin binding. I was trying to be something that I am not, a perfectionist. So tonight I quickly sewed the binding in place. It is sloppy, but it is soft and cuddly. My 2 year old's reaction was the best. He loved it and made the noises to show it.

I also took out a knitting ufo this week. My mom's scarf. It was ment to go along with the hat that I made her for either Christmas last year or her birthday (I don't remember which). So now I am trying to finish knitting it for her for Christmas. Its funny how knitting garter stitch dishcloths is fun for me, but knitting a garter stitch scarf is boring. Go figure. I guess that I might be more of a product crafter than a process one.

I am also working on sewing the edging on the cloth napkins.

With all of the UFOs that I've been working on, this might just be UFO October.

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