Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

My mom is visiting us right now. Last night we carved pumpkins. The kids loved taking the seeds out. My mom carved 3 pumpkins and I carved 2. The front small pumpkin is a puffle from Club Penguin. Today we baked the seeds. I made 2 types, a plain one and one with cinnamon sugar. Yummy. I have also been hand quilting a block a night like I said I would. In the morning we are going to Salem, MA. during the day, and then trick or treating with one of my son's friends that night. I added a thick pipe cleaner head band to the ghost costume, on the inside of it. This was to help the costume stay in place. It was shifting a lot before. While at Michael's today, I saw a book called "The Knitted Odd-Bod Bunch: 35 Unique and Knitted Creatures." I want it! It is $20. Since that is my entire craft budget for a paycheck, I am waiting until I have a good coupon or asking for it for Christmas.

Now I need to upload 3 new videos on to You Tube. The how to make a juice pouch purse episode of my tv show just aired this week. That means it is time to make show notes and post the show. The bag that I made on the show will be the door prize to audience members who come to the November 13th taping of my next show. It should be fun.

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