Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1 Year!

I had not realized that 3 days ago was the 1 year anniversary of me starting this blog. One year! I wasn't sure how I was going to like blogging. I love it. I love to show off the things that I make. I'm like a kid in that way. "Look what I made!" I also wanted to share my crafts with others, and inspire others like I have been inspired by other crafters. Its a never ending circle of inspiration in the art and craft world. I love it! I started with some friends and my husband as my only followers, and now there are people that I have never met before following my blog. Thank you!

I also started this blog with a simple general rule for myself. This blog is about my creative life and not my personal life. It's a craft journal, not a diary. Yes I do share some things about my family in here, but only as it relates to my craft projects. However over the course of this year I have started a tv show, and I have gotten more environmentally active. So this is still mainly a craft blog, but I will post about environmental things that are not craft related. One of which is the zero waste challenge. Speaking of which, I am on week 3 and have just filled up my trash can. One trash can equals 3 weeks of trash, not including the diaper genie! 95% of that trash is non-recyclable plastic. It makes you think. And yes, I did throw out a garbage bag during this time, but it barely had anything in it. It did have some fruit flies, which is why it was taken out.

Anyway... Heres to another wonderful year of crafting and blogging :) I wonder where this next year will take us.


  1. Yay, congrats on your one year anniversary! And congrats on the 1 bag of trash for 3 weeks!