Monday, October 5, 2009

"Its Easy Being Green" Episode 6 Back To School

I'm a little late posting these show notes. The three 10 minute videos from this episode are now on my youtube channel. The link for the channel is in the upper right hand side of my blog.

I would like to thank Abbie for coming on the show and helping me make a juice pouch notebook. She helped to show how easy it is to make one of these notebooks.

To make an easy to sew juice pouch notebook, you will need:
-5 pieces of paper cut about 5" x 7"and then folded in half to be 5" x 3 1/2"
-embroidery floss cut to be about 15" long
-a tapestry needle
-2 paper clips
-2 clean juice pouches
-a hole punch. I prefer one that makes small holes.

1. Sandwich your paper in between 2 juice pouches. Have the folded side of the paper flush against one side with the juice pouches.
2. Paperclip the 3 layers together. One paperclip at the top & one at the bottom.
3. Hole punch along the folded paper side. I like to make 4 to 5 holes.
4. Thread your needle and begin sewing the 3 layers together via the holes that made. Start at the back of the top hole (hole #1). Move the needle from the back through to the front of hole #1 leaving a long enough tail on the back side (for tying later). Then work your way down, going from the back to the front of each hole (hole #2, hole #3, etc). At the bottom, go through the
bottom hole a second time. Now work your way back up, the same way as you did before (hole #3, hole #2, etc). Now you can tie a know with the 2 ends of your thread at the top hole. Add charms or beads or just tie a bow to finish it.
5. When the paper is all used up, take out the thread and the paper. Now replace the paper, repunch the holes, and repeat the steps.

Here is a link on how to sew a larger notebook.

Here is a link on making the pencil pouch.

You can watch the youtube videos (episode 6.1, 6.2, & 6.3) to see the show again.

I will post how to make a juice pouch lunch box at another time. I need to make a new one and take pictures as I go. In 3 weeks the how to make a juice pouch purse will air on channel 8 where I live. In 4 weeks that episode will be posted on youtube.


  1. Those notebooks look great! I may have to buy drink pouches for the boys just so I can try making them!

  2. Thanks :) You can see if any of their friends drink them, and then ask them to save the empty ones for you.

  3. one of my coworkers always drinks from juice pouches...I might save a few of hers and try some notebooks

  4. feature this at my blog