Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to school - juice pouch pencil pouch

After going shopping for school supplies, my son asked me if I could make him a pencil pouch out of juice pouches. Since then my mind has been thinking of different back to school items that I could make out of juice pouches. Today I went to work on making the pencil pouch.

Supplies to make 1 pencil pouch:
-Goo Gone
-paper towels
-9 juice pouches
-14" zipper
-sewing machine, thread, and denim needle
-hole punch
-3 gromits & a hammer

1. Cut the bottom (expandable part) of the juice pouches and clean them. Let them air dry for about 2 days until there is no water left inside.
2. Peel off the remaining plastic from the straw.
3. Lay them out on a table and spray some Goo Gone where the straw was attached on each one. Let it set for 1 minute.
4. Using a paper towel, clean off the sticky straw part as well as the Goo Gone.
5. Sew the 9 juice boxes together in 3 rows of 3. I like to use a zig zag stitch. Straight stitches seem to tear easily. Grey thread goes well with most juice pouches.

6. Sew the zipper onto both ends.
7. Fold the juice pouches in half, close the zipper, and sew the sides together.
8. Using a 3 hole punch, punch holes near the folded edge. If no 3 hole punch, mark where the holes go, then make the holes.
9. Make sure the gromits fit through a 3 ring binder easily. Then follow the directions from the gromit package to attach them.

I also took my fused messenger bag to the fabric store this morning. I choice a button that fit the best with my bag. I also bought some large snaps. I attached the snaps and the button to finish the bag.

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