Sunday, August 23, 2009

4 ply spun brown plyarn

Yesterday was full of spinning plyarn. I spun my ball of brown with some cream plyan. After spinning the whole ball, I spun again using the 2 ends. Plyarn is usually 2 ply. I ended up making a 4 ply ball of plyarn. I really like the look of tightly spun plyarn. I doubled it to provide extra strength. Last night and this morning I began crocheting a round bag from it. I am using a metal size I crochet hook. I say metal, because the plyarn is easier to work with metal needles/hooks vs plastic ones. I got as far as making the bottom of the bag and a few rows of the sides before my plyarn ran out. Some of the bags look like copper. The cream makes an interesting ring on the bottom of the bag. I really like the way this looks. Spun plyarn is harder to work with than regular plyarn. However this 4 ply spun plyarn seems much stronger than regular plyarn.

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