Monday, August 24, 2009

Eco Craft Challenge: Day One

I am putting out a challenge for all of you crafters out there. For 30 days I want you to use what you have in your house to craft with. For this 1st challenge you have a budget of $20 for the 30 days. That is less than a dollar a day. Try to not spend any money. However you might need small items like snaps, buttons, a zipper, batting, etc. to complete your project. Thats why you get a budget.

The purpose of this challenge:
1. Save money!
2. Save gas = help the environment.
3. Get those creative juices flowing.
4. Decrease the amount of stuff that you have just sitting around.

I have so many things in my own home that I can use in a variety of different craft ways. Why then am I buying more things? I set this challenge not only for anyone who is interested in participating, but also for myself.

Today I worked on making plyarn. I also took the
scraps (the handles and seams) and fused them. I'll figure out what to make out of that at a later date. I have a few ideas though.

I discovered 4 produce bags with corn and yams on them. I fused them together. There was some white fabric in my stash that I used for the lining. I then used some corn fabric from my stash for the strap. I spent $0 on making a new bag.

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  1. Day 2 was prep work for me. I made plyarn, cut some juice pouch boxes for book making, and cut some clean potato chip bags to make a "gum" chain change purse. I also knitted some more rows of my yellow plyarn tote bag.