Monday, August 17, 2009

Knitting Dishcloths

All of these dishcloths were knit with Lily's Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn with size US 7 needles.

The brown set I knit while visiting my parents last week. One I cast on 36 stitches, and then I just knit every row. The other one I cast on 3 stitches. I knit every odd row, and I would either increase or decrease the 2nd stitch from both ends on the even rows. Increase: knit in front and then in back of stitch. Decrease: knit 2 together.

The green striped dishcloth was a knit one below stitch pattern. I cast on 36 stitches. I knit the first and the last 2 rows. All even rows are knitted
across. The pattern repeats after 4 rows. Row 3: k 2, (k 1 below, k1) repeat, k 2. Row 4: knit. Row 5: k2,(k1, k1 below) repeat, k2. Row 6: knit. Repeat rows 3 - 6 to desired length.

The blue one on the needles is the figure eights pattern that is found in "Nifty Knit Dishcloths" by Leisure Arts. There are 15 dishcloths in this thin book. I plan on knitting each one. I started this dishcloth last night.

I love my knitted dishcloths. Since they have holes in them (just from being hand knit), they dry without smelling bad after using them. They clean tough counter surfaces great. They are gentle on my dishes. They look great. They make great gifts. They are environmental (they are reusable).

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