Saturday, October 24, 2009

3 Strikes

My camera broke on Thursday evening. First the tv, then my sewing machine, and now my camera. We replaced the camera tonight. Please no more credit card charges! Anyway... Thats why I've been posting about what my uncle makes (no camera to show my work).

Tonight I am working on the quilt block for the box exchange for my quilt guild. I've been in the guild for 3 years now. The 1st year I participated in the round robin. I still haven't quilted mine. Last year they started the box exchange instead. You write down instructions on how to make the block that you want. This includes colors and size. You make one or two example blocks. You can include one fabric in the box as well that others can use. Then they get placed in a numbered box and given to someone different each month. That person makes one or two blocks from the instructions. They don't know whose box they are working on and you don't know what number box is yours. Last year I asked people to make a crazy quilt block, or if that was to much then make a wonky log cabin block. I included a batik fabric that they had to use. I also included sample fabrics for them to see what colors I wanted them to use. I asked for 1 to 2 blocks from each person. I made 2 blocks, one crazy quilt and one wonky log cabin, and included them in the box. Last April I got my box back. It had 12 beautiful blocks in it. I am looking forward to turning them into a quilt. I also included precut muslin squares for making the crazy quilt block on.

This year my block is a Valentine's Day log cabin. I am including precut heart blocks for the center square. I'm asking people to use red or pink with white or cream fabric to make the block. When I get them back, I am going to arrange the blocks to form a heart.

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