Sunday, October 4, 2009

My 1st Give Away!!!!!

Yes I am giving away a juice pouch purse. What's the catch? You have to come and be an audience member of the next show that I tape. Sorry to anyone who is not local. The juice pouch purse that I made on my last show (which will air in 3 weeks) will be the prize. The above picture is the unfinished bag (which is now finished).

The next show will be taped on Friday, November 13th at 7pm. Where? The telemedia studio which is located in Parker Middle School in Chelmsford. Members of the Chelmsford Recycling Comity will be there to talk about recycling in our town. I would love to have an audience there to ask questions to the panel. It is a 30 minute show. I will be taping 2 shows that night, and you are more than welcome to stay for both show tapings. I don't know what my second show will be about just yet.


  1. I live to far away but love those bags. we don't drink that kind of jiuce often here. ( the are more expencive than karton boxes)

  2. I am trying to come up with a craft idea for the carton juice boxes. I've been cleaning the ones that my kids drink. If you know someone who does drink Capri Sun or Kool Aid juice pouches, ask them to save them for you. You would be amazed with how much you can collect from people that you know.

    I might have another give away at some point, for the US only. I haven't ever shipped outside of the states yet. I do sell them though. You can check my website ( or my new Etsy shop (