Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Napkins

Today I gathered all the fabric that I bought last month and washed it. I like to prewash my fabric so that it won't shrink and mess up a project. Then I ironed most of it. While ironing I got inspired to make napkins out of some of them (the left side).

The corn fabric was stash fabric. You might recognize it from the fused produce bag tote that I made in August. The turkey fabric I bought 2 days ago from the remnants bin. It was about 1 yard, marked down from the original price, and it was on sale. I'm going to be shopping in the remnant bin more often. Its a lot cheaper than getting fabric off of the bolt. I made these napkins (21 of them) the same way that I made the other ones in September. The link also has a link to my you tube video on how to make these napkins.

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