Friday, November 6, 2009

Cloth napkins & Cowboy quilt

Tonight I am doing the finishing touches on some cloth napkins. I'm folding in the one open side, and then sewing around all 4 sides. We have been using the turkey cloth napkins that I made this week. They are so cute.

This is my souvenir fabric from my trip to Missouri this summer. One fabric is all cowboys and the other is all cowgirls. I am making a simple quilt out of these. I cut all of the squares to be 10". There are 9 cowboy squares, 8 cowgirl squares, and 18 patchwork squares. The patchwork squares will be sewn in a checkerboard layout. The other 2 fabrics will alternate. Then I'll put a boarder around it. I'm not sure what the border will be just yet. I'll figure that out when the middle is done. This will be a twin size quilt for my toddler.

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