Friday, September 4, 2009

Eco Craft Challenge Day 11

I have spent just under $10 so far. That is half of the budget. One of the items is actually to repair the couch where the seams are coming apart. I'm counting it, because I'll be able to use the supplies in my crafting as well.

For 3 days I made and spun plyarn. One ball was only blue newspaper bags. The other ball was Kohls bags & light blue, gray, clear, and green
newspaper bags. I then plyed the 2 balls together. I am currently crocheting this double spun ball of plyarn into a bag.

I have also been prepping for my show tomorrow night. I am taping 2 shows. One will have a guest, Melina Goodick, who will be showing how to sew your own reusable bag. The other show I will show how to recycle juice pouches for back to school supplies. A friend of mine's daughter might be joining me for one of the projects. I want to show people how easy it is. I've made that particular project with 1st grade girl brownies (girl scouts).

You can view my show on youtube under my user name textiles4you. There is also a video clip up of me cleaning juice pouches. I just finished cleaning 44 of them, and I have a headache as a result (Goo Gone & my sensitive nose).

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