Sunday, September 20, 2009

A creative day 28 of the challenge

I learned a valuable lesson last Christmas, don't knit something for someone without their approval. I made a hat for someone who always wears knit hats. That person, when asked for the truth, said that it wasn't their style. I wish that I could have asked for it back so that someone who would wear it could have it. So this year I have checked with a few family members on colors and patterns for possible knit presents.

I was on the phone with a family member the other night. He mentioned not having enough dishcloths and dish towels. I then asked what his favorite color was. It is blue, like me. So today I packed some self striping Lily's Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn and some size us 7 short needles in my craft tote and went to church. I was able to knit half of a dishcloth while there. I love portable projects, esp. when they are for gifts. Here is my pattern for this dishcloth:
-Cast on 3 stitches
-Knit those 3 stitches
-Every row on the increase side is: k1, knit into the front & back of the 2nd st, k to the end
-Do the increase row until it is the size that you want it (hold it square to see)
-Decrease side: k1, k 2 together, k to the end.
-When 3 stitches remain, knit those 3 stitches then cast off.

I was such a beautiful day out, that we hung out in the back yard for a while. I saw a few pine cones and thought that they would be good for Christmas decorations. I started collecting them in a small paper bag. Soon that bag and one other was filled, and I wasn't done yet. I put them in a large empty plant pot and filled them up a few more times. There is sap all over the pine cones. I need to find out a good way to remove it. If I can't, I'll use it to my advantage and roll them in glitter. No glue necessary since the glitter will stick to the sap.

We also saw this grasshopper hanging out by our back door. Its good that I had a camera on me.

Then I finished sewing one stage of the cloth napkins. I was able to turn most of them right side out before my toddler was finished painting.

My toddler loved painting so much the last time that I worked on the cloth napkins. So I did the same set up for him again. I currently have only 3 colors of tempera paint: red, black, and white. However that is perfect for a monochromatic color scheme. I have learned to limit what colors I give my youngest to paint with. I don't want to hang up a painting that looks like mud, because he mixed every single color together.

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