Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 16 of Craft Challenge

Yesterday I broke open a VHS tape and took out the tape. I then spun it. I had some white plarn that I had already spun. I then plyed the 2 together. I think I want to crochet a granny square style purse out of it.

The VHS tape is not stretchy like the plarn, so I don't want to make a tote bag out of it.

I need to make some more plarn out of the newspaper bags. This is as far as I got with the spun plyed plarn crochet bag.

I finished 1 side of the purse that I am crocheting out of the pink and black plarn. Time to make and spin some black plarn. Then ply it with the ball of pink spun plarn that I have.

I have also been cleaning a juice pouch art project that I started earlier this year. Cleaning = sticky straw part. Yes I did say art project. I have always wanted to be a gallery artist. It's time to start trying for that.

I am thinking about making a video on how to crochet soda tab flowers. I think that it is to detailed to do on my tv show. It might be better to use my webcam to film it so that I get really close up, and I can take my time making it.

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