Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween decorations

While on Twitter today, I got to thinking about different ways to recycle plastic bottle caps in your own home. Of course I posted some of those ideas.
-Making ghost, skulls, and jack-a-lantern decorations by using white or orange bottle caps and a black sharpie
-Making spiders using gray or black bottle caps and pipe cleaners or twist ties
-Snowman, putting 3 white bottle caps together (stacked vertically) & a black bottle cap hat.
-Snow flakes, drawing them on or arranging a bunch of bottle caps and gluing or wiring them together.
-Punch a hole on 2 sides of a bunch of white bottle caps. String them together to make a
garland for your yard.
-Be creative and make ornaments.
-See my plastic bag wreath. I used red bottle caps as berries on the wreath.

I wanted to put some of these ideas to use. Last year I bought 2 black fake pine Halloween wreaths on sale (after Halloween). I save my plastic bottle caps, and I have them separated by color. I took a black sharpie and colored ghost and skeleton faces on the large white bottle caps. I drew jack-a-lantern faces on the orange bottle caps. I then arranged them how I wanted them, and used a hot glue gun to attach them to the wreath. I also glued a spider ring (from last year's outside web decorations) to a clear / white bottle cap and attached it to the wreath as well. I wanted to add a little extra something, so I wrapped some black and white animal print ribbons around the wreath. The metal skull if from a decoration that had broke. I attached that using a twist tie. I really like how it looks.

On the 2nd wreath I wrapped 2 different shades of orange fuzzy ribbon around the wreath. I am waiting for inspiration before continuing to decorate it further.

You can make your own Halloween wreath using black or gray or orange plastic bags and a wire frame. Please see instructions on my youtube channel (link in the upper right side of my blog) or in a previous blog post (from last winter).

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