Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Easy Being Green: Episode 5: Reusable bags

Melinda Goodick from my quilt guild came on the show to show us how she makes reusable shopping bags from fabric. You need some basic sewing skills for this project, but a beginner can make these bags. Melinda showed how to make these bags at the 2009 Chelmsford Earth Day Fair. She also attends the recycling comity meetings. Thank you Melinda for coming on the show! You inspired me to make my own set of 4 reusable bags.

Here are the links to the show on my youtube channel. Youtube only allows 10 minute video clips, so the show is broken down into 3 videos.

The bags that I made were done slightly different but still using the same principles. There is no lining on the inside of the bags. The fabric was woven on a twill (like blue jeans - diagonal). I sewed the seams on the inside of the bag instead of the outside like Melinda. It's a personal preference.

I am on day 26 of the eco craft challenge. Yesterday was so crazy that I think it was the 1st day during this challenge that I didn't work on anything creative. I did read my plushie and sock creature books at soccer practice. Some of my festive socks have holes in the toes. I want to turn them into something other than a sock monkey. I made a lot sock monkeys last year, and I want to try something new.

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