Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Sunday I finished knitting a 2nd iPhone hoodie, this time with worsted weight yarn.  I like this one better, even though it isn't as pretty.
I also finished sanding the 24 cardboard tubes that I had cut for my bangle class.  This is the parts that I had to peel off before sanding.  A friend came over today while I was sawing a 2nd tube.  She asked to try it, and the next thing I knew the whole tube was sawed.  Wow!  She was enjoying herself.
My in-laws were visiting this weekend, and my mother-in-law asked for help learning how to crochet.  After showing her some basics, she said that her mother, an avid crocheter, wanted to learn how to make a fanciful flower potholder.  She enjoys figuring out patterns on her own.  So I started making the potholder for her last night, and this is how far I got when my in-laws left this morning.  My mother-in-law took it with her unfinished, because it would be easier for her mother to figure out how it was made. I did show my mother-in-law what I did and what needed to come next so that she could relay it on to her mother, plus she can send a picture of the one that I made for her along with this one (to Puerto Rico).  It is strange not finishing a present for someone.
Well it was 4th of July yesterday, and hanging on my door is my plastic bag patriotic wreath.
It uses about 150 plastic bags, including blue newspaper bags.
We went to the beach on Sunday and here are some of the pictures that I took there.
Then Sunday night and Monday morning was my town's County Fair.  
Here are just some of the pictures that I took there (while volunteering to help with the recycling).
My church makes fresh "Holy Donuts" that they sold on Monday.  They are yummy.
My local quilt shop had patriotic quilts on display.
The image on the right is of someone reporting on the 2 mile race and on the parade.
I hope that all of you who celebrate the 4th of July / Independence Day had a great 3 day weekend.

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