Friday, July 8, 2011

Flowers 3 ways

This week I have made two chrysanthemum hot pads.  I want to make a Patriotic series of them, which would mean a set of 9 hot pads.  I have a solid blue cotton and a variegated patriotic cotton as well as the solid white and red ones that I used for these two.  With the 4 cottons combined that would mean 9 different hot pads (the variegated one would look strange as the center color to me, so I'm only going to use it as the outer color).  
Earlier this week I bought some 3" origami paper and made these 4 tea bag rosettes using the same paper and the same folds, but with 4 different looks.  I want to place something like a button in the center of them and turn them into either ornaments or gift toppers.
Here is a picture that I took this morning from my garden.

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  1. That's a beautiful Rose! .. Love the water droplets on it pretty .. and love the rosettes & hotpads as well .. :) Thanks!